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2017-05-15 Daphne Ashbrook and the Sixth Doctor

2017-05-15 Daphne Ashbrook and the Sixth Doctor

14 May 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are down and safe, presenting all the latest news and emails from Big Finish's world of audio drama. Special guest is Daphne Ashbrook. Drama tease: Doctor Who - Vortex Ice.

Expect more from the kazoo! Expect more about Death to the Daleks! But most of all, expect all your favourite, regular features...

Big Finish News - the very latest... including an item that Nick and Benji simply can't discuss. But listen, there's some news on Blake's 7 as well, in a massive tease with a trailer!

Listeners' Emails - more from the inbox of the address. And we have a listener's kazoo composition!

Guest Star Interview - Daphne Ashbrook, co-star of the Doctor Who TV Movie, is also known to Big Finish listeners as Captain Ruth Matheson. Ian Atkins caught up with her in studio for a podcast-style chat.

Randomoid Selectortron - Benji has lost the URL for 'Ran', but Nick is on hand to press the button. The random selection for discussion is spookily apposite.

Latest Releases - a quick run-down of all that's recently been released for your listening delight.

Doctor Who - Vortex Ice - a fifteen-minute preview of the upcoming double-bill adventure for Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood's risk-taking Flip Jackson.

This podcast is officially launched on Monday 15th May, but we've sneaked it out on Sunday 14th May, just to cheer up your weekend. You can download or stream it now, simply by pressing one of the buttons below. Enjoy!

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