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2017-06-12 New Time War Companion

2017-06-12 New Time War Companion

11 June 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford once again present all that's new in Big Finish's audio drama world. Guest star: Rakhee Thakrar, new Eighth Doctor Time War Companion. Drama tease: Daleks in Across the Darkened City.

During a top secret recording at The Moat Studios, Nick causes mayhem by forcing director Ken Bently to interrupt his schedule so that Nick can make a podcast recording with Benji. Nick is under pressure to get it done, so the podcast is shorter. But there is the bonus of Ken Bentley appearing.

Big Finish News - some naughty news, which isn't revealed, plus a bonanza of trailers.

Listeners' Emails - great emails to tax Nick and Benji's brains, plus a revelation about Nick's idiocy. Just email to join in.

Guest star interview - actor Rakhee Thakrar talks to Nick about her new role as Paul McGann's Time War companion, and answers all the usual podcast questions. An outstandingly witty guest! Not to be missed.

Randomoid Selectortron - a great selection. But if you want to make your own selection, this is the Randomoid Selectortron site.

Latest Releases - a quick rundown of what's out now, including some free stuff!

Across the Darkened City - the first 15 minutes of the first story from The First Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume 2, starring Peter Purves as Steven Taylor, and Nick Briggs as the Daleks. (Out this week!)

This podcast is official released on Monday 12th June 2017, but we've sneaked it out early (as usual) on Sunday 11th June, just for you! Please press one of the handy buttons below to download or stream for free.

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