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April 2012 #4: Sound Design Special

April 2012 #4: Sound Design Special

26 April 2012
Categories: Podcast

With the team still scattered to the winds, Martin Montague continues in his quest to take over the podcast! And this week, it's the one you, the listening several, requested!

'What does Martin Montague actually do?' you've asked in your droves, and he's, possibly wrongly, taken this to mean, 'What does the job of the sound designer entail?' Thus Martin has been enlisting the aid of some of his fellow musical and effects maestros (maestrae?) to answer that very question and explain that inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Join him, Jamie Robertson, Simon Robinson, Andy Hardwick and Matthew Cochrane on a voyage into sound; it's quite an ear-opening experience...

Nick, David and Paul will be back soon, so if you do have any questions or want to send in your answer to the competition set during the first April podcast, get in touch at

In the meantime, you can download or stream this week's podcast now!

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