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Big Finish Day 3 Live, with Doctor Who and More! (March #3)

Big Finish Day 3 Live, with Doctor Who and More! (March #3)

25 March 2013

The podcast team report in live from Big Finish Day 3, where a lone Dalek marauds the corridors - and could there be a challenger to the throne of Comedy Genius?

Nick Briggs, Paul Spragg and special guest interloper Mark Plastow, designer extraordinaire, come to you live from Big Finish Day 3!

At this yearly treat, which finds a wealth of the great and good from the worlds of Doctor Who and beyond gathering together, Nick offers the audience the chance to appear in an upcoming audio adventure and then, perhaps foolishly, requests their questions!

He, Paul and Mark tackle a range of penetrating enquiries including the following: What's happened to Charley Pollard? When will more New Adventures be adapted? What will we be doing on 23rd November? Could we animate our stories or deliver audio goodness live? And how the hell are you meant to find Barking Abbey School without a postcode when you're caught in a snowy blizzard?

Plus you can find out why elephants are important, just how realistically tasty certain crisp flavours are, and what Nick calls his satnav and why. Just some of the many treats in store - plus implied nudity - when you download or stream the podcast now! And thank you to Martin Montague for capturing the BF Day Dalek on camera.

Don't forget the current competition either; answers, along with any questions for the team for a future podcast should be sent to

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