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Brand New Competition & Listeners' Emails. July #2

Brand New Competition & Listeners' Emails. July #2

4 July 2014

Nick Briggs and Ian Atkins enter the podcast fray with gusto... Or by phone, as we prefer to call it. Thanks to British Telecom, they manage to read some of your emails and there's a NEW COMPETITION. The fun literally starts and stops here.

It's a more modestly sized podcast after last week's gigantic mega-pod of clips and trailers, but it's a podcast in the true spirit of Big Finish nonetheless...

Along the way, there's time for Ian and Nick to say a few fond words about Paul Spragg -- notably his obsession for the 'Pop Charts' (as middle-aged people call them). There's also a train and an ambulance making brief guest appearances.

And don't forget, if you want to write in to contribute to the podcast (either by sending an email or an audio, mini-podcast of your own) and/or enter the competition, you can email us at

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