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Cardiff Unknown - October 2018

Cardiff Unknown - October 2018

1 October 2018

Welcome to Cardiff Unknown - a podcast about the strange happenings in the Welsh Capital of the world. Each week Jeff and Niamh bring you the spooky news from Cardiff, the city that the UK forgot.

This week, we find out, is there a secret alien-hunting base in Cardiff Bay? There's the mystery of room 111. What happened with Red Doors? Is the Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa not for a human clientele? And what happened to Flight 405?

Plus, we have an interview with local podcast legend Brent Hayden, host of the Tomorrow's Truth Podcast. And does Geoff really have a new girlfriend?

This episode is sponsored by Chef Bandit, available via Deliverables!

Thanks to the Outsiders Podcast Network, made by the Ross Foundation for hosting this podcast.

Trigger warning: horror, minor swearing, mystery!

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