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Doctor Who, Charlotte Pollard and Listeners' Questions (May #01)

Doctor Who, Charlotte Pollard and Listeners' Questions (May #01)

1 May 2014

Reaching new heights of ineptitude, join Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg (or whatever they're calling themselves this week) for some trailers, questions and solid, hard-hitting chat.

UPDATE: 20th May, 2014

Following an astonishing response to the devastating loss of our much loved colleague Paul Spragg on the 8th May, we are re-posting the final two Podcasts that Paul was involved in. As Nick Briggs says in a brand new introduction, it was a decision we thought about for a long time, but in the end it was one last chance to hear Paul laugh. And that decided it.

Paul's girlfriend Natalie nominated a charity for any donations - the British Heart Foundation - and the overwhelming generosity this past weekend has shown us just how much Paul meant to all the Big Finish listeners. Thank you so, so much.

The notes below were written by Paul - or the feeble stripling with a story to tell as he decided to be known...


Returning to the office this week, you can hear executive producer Nick Briggs relating tales of Brian Blessed and tiny, feeble stripling Paul Spragg making a shocking confession!

There are also trailers for upcoming releases, including some Doctor Who adventures, a chat about Charlotte Pollard and the handling of some questions from you, our wonderful listeners.

You can download or stream the podcast now, and if have questions for Nick and Paul to answer on a future podcast, you can mail them to It's the same address for competition entries, but don't forget to include your name and address!

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