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Doctor Who, Competitions and Listener Questions (April #2)

Doctor Who, Competitions and Listener Questions (April #2)

5 April 2013

Before heading off for a trip to the other side of the world, Nick Briggs found a bit of time to record a new podcast with Paul Spragg - where they announce the winners of the latest competition!

There's a crisp backlash in the latest podcast, leading to a series of rather unconvincing Muppet impressions and a taste test from a bear. Yes, you can tell David Richardson isn't around to keep a lid on things as Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg move haphazardly through another exciting jumble of podcastery.

There's the answer to our previous competition and the announcement of the winners' names. The office gets a very important phone call, there's a call for an unlikely spin-off, a request for rustling, a new policy on hats and a terrible admission about the quality of Paul's geographical knowledge.

With Nick away, the team won't be back on podcast duty for a while, but there will be plenty more of Toby Hadoke's Who's Round to tide you over. If you have any questions or comments for Nick, David and Paul on their return, or feedback for Toby, please send it to

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