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Doctor Who, Questions, Marc Platt and a Surprise (August #6)

Doctor Who, Questions, Marc Platt and a Surprise (August #6)

14 August 2013

Nick and Paul are in the office, while David Richardson is in studio. Can the two be combined to create something far greater than the sum of its parts? You decide...

It's time for another Big Finish podcast, and Nick Briggs has a surprise for Paul Spragg. Will this actually be something nice for a change? Surprises aside, the word on everyone's lips is 'Capaldi', so there's a bit of chat about the new Doctor, some correspondance with you, the listeners, and then it's over to David Richardson.

David's managed to buttonhole Marc Platt for a chat about his work on the upcomng Philip Hinchcliffe Presents box set, an intriguing insight into the writing process from one of Big Finish's finest.

Don't miss out; get some new podcast in your life now, by download or streaming! And if you've got questions for the team or wish to enter the competition (don't forget your name and address), just drop us a line on

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