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February 2012 #4: Big Finish on Tour 3 - Big Finish Day 2

February 2012 #4: Big Finish on Tour 3 - Big Finish Day 2

24 February 2012
Categories: Podcast

Join Tom Baker and Louise Jameson for an audio experice of Big Finish Day 2!

You may have thought that we were all podcasted out this week after the Eighth Doctor sales podlets, but no! A mere couple of weeks ago was Big Finish Day 2, a one-day event replete with stars of many an audio adventure plus an astonishing number of behind the scenes Big Finish personnel. And we recorded loads of it!

So for those who weren't there - and those who were but would like a reminder of a splendid day - join Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg (for the first few minutes at least) as they introduce our opening panel: the endlessly entertaining Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, chatting to the maestro of mirth and master of ceremonies, Toby Hadoke.

You can download or stream the podcast now. And next week Nick will be reporting in from Gallifrey One...

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