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The Big Finish Christmas Podcast - My Shelf (December #06)

The Big Finish Christmas Podcast - My Shelf (December #06)

18 December 2016

Nick Briggs (in a Beatles wig for some reason) and Benji Clifford (refreshingly normal) present a special podcast with a host of BF guests. Don't miss the annual 'My Shelf' Christmas Quiz!

There's also a smattering of regular features, but be warned, this podcast was recorded 'as live' during the 'Rather Shabby Big Finish Production Office Party' as it is affectionately known by all those who attended. Chaos ensues.

The Big Finish News - a short burst of top Big Finish stories, including some great holiday season offers.

Listeners' Emails - just time for one email and a Facebook message. You can join in simply by emailing us at

Guest Shout-Out - A quick chat with some of our esteemed guests, including Big Finish executive producer and chairman of the company, Jason Haigh-Ellery (present in person at the Xmas party for the first time ever - he usually phones in!).

My Shelf - the truly 'ground-breaking' quiz that everyone loves to hate. It's hard-fought, competitive and... an utter shambles. Umissable, naturally. Surely an award-winning podcast feature. Or possibly not.

Christmas Music - BF sound designer/composer/podcast presenter Benji Clifford and BF actor/director Helen Goldwyn offer up their Christmas singles. Two very contrasting slices of festive fun. Here are their youtube links: It's Christmas (And Don't I Know It!) and Do You Believe In Magic.

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