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The Big Finish Podcast - Christel Dee (December #02)

The Big Finish Podcast - Christel Dee (December #02)

4 December 2016

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford present the Big Finish News, Listeners' Emails, Randomoid Selectortron... everything you need to know about the audio world of Big Finish. Special guest: Christel Dee (presenter of Doctor Who: The Fan Show).

Here's what you can expect...

Big Finish News - All the latest news, including Torchwood and the upcoming Christmas Podcast. Unmissable, naturally.

Listeners' Emails - You can email us at This edition features some behind-the-scenes details on the duties of a Big Finish director.

Guest Star Interview - Christel Dee laughs at Nick's pop-shield and tells us how she became a Doctor Who fan and presenter of Doctor Who: The Fan Show.

Randomoid Selectortron - Another randomly selected Big Finish production for discussion and tangential chatting...

Latest Releases - A quick round-up of what's out now from Big Finish.

Dan Dare - The final part of our tease of the brilliant new box set, released this month.

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