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The EARLY Big Finish Podcast - Vicki and Steven (October #03)

The EARLY Big Finish Podcast - Vicki and Steven (October #03)

9 October 2016

Released early as a 'Special Sunday Treat'... Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford present all the latest from the audio drama world of Big Finish Productions. With special guest stars Maureen O'Brien and Peter Purves (Vicki and Steven, companions of the first Doctor Who). This podcast 'says' it's the 10th October, but we've sneaked it out a day early!

Yes, they're back and as irrelevant (while trying to be irreverent) as ever. Listen out for discussions of Jon Pertwee's antics in a pub and his least famous job. Tom Baker is also allegedly trying to knock the door down. One of the Doctors recorded a BF performance on an answer-phone. And a Doctor Who writer gets ejected from a convention. Don't ask.

Nick and Benji are also in the dark. Yes, you know more than them, because when they recorded this podcast (on Wednesday 5th October), they weren't quite sure who the guest stars would be.

Here's what's happening in this podcast, with handy time indicators for you to find your favourite part... (or skip the bits you really hate!)

03.25 The Big Finish News.

08.42 Listeners' Emails. A bumper edition!

31.41 Guest star interview. This time, there are two guests! Maureen O'Brien and Peter Purves chat with Nick during their latest studio session.

54.25 The Randomoid Selectortron.

01:03:53 The Latest Releases.

01:06:51 The Prisoner. The seventh instalment of our serialization of Big Finish's audio reimagining of the 1960s classic.

Remember, do feel free to email us at Benji will allegedly read out literally anything.

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