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The Big Finish Podcast (March #05) Pathfinder Legends

The Big Finish Podcast (March #05) Pathfinder Legends

14 March 2016

Yet another bumper podcast (when will the fun EVER end?) presented by Nick Briggs, featuring Pathfinder Legends (and veteran BF) director/producer John Ainsworth.

John is talking about his work on the Pathfinder Legends series, taking us through the characters and giving us a flavour of the epic storylines. If you haven't caught up with these releases yet, this is a great introduction.

As followers of the production credits on our CDs and downloads will know, John has been with Big Finish from the start. He takes us through some of his highlights, including a Nazi, something about the Devil and a certain much-loved Doctor Who companion.

There's also the very latest Big Finish news, trailers and emails to enjoy. Add to that a lovely Spragg-tastic moment and a trip back to one of Nick's randomly remembered BF favourites and you may well find that you've just happened upon some podcast gold... Or possibly just something mildly entertaining. You decide!

And don't forget, to enter our competition (to win the Two Masters Trilogy), contribute, ask a question or suggest a Spragg-tastic moment (from a previous podcast, featuring the thoroughly lovely Paul Spragg), you can email

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