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The Curse of the Daleks

Released November 2008

3. The Curse of the Daleks

CD US $13.22
Download US $7.99

Starring Michael Praed

'The Daleks are at their conniving best, foreshadowing their role in writer David Whitaker's later TV stories.' Doctor Who Magazine

A specia...

Seven Keys to Doomsday

Released October 2008

2. Seven Keys to Doomsday

CD US $13.22
Download US $7.99

Starring Trevor Martin with Charlie Hayes and Joe Thompson

A special audio adaptation of the Doctor Who stage-play from the 1970s.

A newly-regenerated Doctor takes his young companions, Jenny and Jim...

The Ultimate Adventure

Released September 2008

1. The Ultimate Adventure

Download US $7.99

Starring Colin Baker, Noel Sullivan and Claire Huckle with David Banks

A special audio adaptation of the Doctor Who stageplay from the 1980s.

The Daleks have allied themselves with the Cybermen and a deadly band...

Doctor Who - The Stageplays

Big Finish opens the curtains on Doctor Who’s theatrical past with audio adaptations of the three Doctor Who stage plays from the 60s and 80s.

  • Curse of the Daleks by David Whitaker & Terry Nation;
  • The Seven Keys to Doomsday and The Ultimate Adventure by Terrance Dicks.


The story of the companions from The Ultimate Adventure - Crystal and Jason - is continued in the Companion Chronicle release #6.06 Beyond the Ultimate Adventure!

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