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The Queen of Time

Released October 2013

4.02. The Queen of Time

CD US $20.93
Download US $12.99

Starring Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury

Somewhere outside our universe, she is waiting.

A god-like immortal, living in a realm of clocks. The hours tick slowly by as she plots and ...

Lords of the Red Planet

Released November 2013

4.03. Lords of the Red Planet

CD US $23.72
Download US $14.99

Starring Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury

The TARDIS crew land on Mars, home of the Ice Warriors, far back in its history. The Doctor is convinced it's much too early for them to meet th...

The Mega

Released December 2013

4.04. The Mega

CD US $23.72
Download US $14.99

Starring Katy Manning and Richard Franklin

"This is a warning. Your aggression cannot go unchecked. The West must disarm. We will make you disarm."

When an assassination follows the f...

Doctor Who - The Lost Stories

Big Finish is proud to present Doctor Who - The Lost Stories. We've delved into the archives to unearth lost classics. Their names used to be whispered with reverence in fan circles and now you can hear them in full cast audios or as enhanced dramatic readings with multiple cast members.

The Lost Stories... found at last by Big Finish!

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