Earthsearch - Mindwarp Chapter 1

Earthsearch - Mindwarp Chapter 1

Released January 2011


Arama - a great domed city encased in rock, deep beneath the surface. Generation after generation of people have gone about their lives in a world of finite space and infinite resources - never pondering the many inconistencies around them. They have been taught not to.
To them there is only Arama... and Diablo - the evil land against which they fight an eternal war. And the outdoors? Well, that's just a myth. Something to frighten children. A threat for those who disobey the Guardian of Destiny. No one questions why things are as they are. No one wonders if there could be something more.
Until now...

Written By: James Follett, adapted by Jacqueline Rayner
Directed By: Jason Haigh-Ellery


India Fisher (Jenine Anders); Leon Parris (Ewan Solant); Michelle Livingstone (Kally Solant); Andy Coleman (Dom Asta Tarant); Sara Wakefield (Newscaster); Julian Richards (Young Tarlan); Nicholas Courtney (Father Dadley); Colin Baker (Caudo Inman); Neil Henry (Deg Calen); Romy Tennant (Inman's Computer); Steven Wickham (Mr Belan/ Chairman of the Court); John H Elson (Policeman); Mark Wright (Tarlan); Neil Roberts (Simo Belan); Alistair Lock (Diablon Guard)