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2. Charlotte Pollard Series 02

Charlotte Pollard Series 02

Released March 2017

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'... apocalyptic... plays like modern day John Wyndham... an excellent set. The scripts are top notch, especially the humour and structure and the performance, production and direction is ridiculously strong.' Alasdair Stuart SFB

'India Fisher and James Joyce have already created an excellent rapport between the two characters, as their relationship continually fluctuates. One minute they are united space/time travellers, the next they’ll be bickering – and every so often there’s even a hint of romance thrown in. 9/10 ' Blogtor Who

'... sets off at warp speed and doesn’t touch the brake or lift its foot off the accelerator for its entire duration... subverts traditional Science Fiction tropes and opts instead to pursue a far more intelligent, meticulously planned and detailed approach to story-telling... You need to submerge yourself in the dramatic fury, magnificent characterisation and performances and sublime writing of the adventure...' Tim Cundle, Mass Movement

'Nick Briggs knows how to keep his audience waiting and wanting more and this box set most certainly does that... the listener is compelled to go along with this new style that Mr Briggs has freewheeled our way. And it works, it hangs together with no small thanks to the Briggsmeister himself directing and the exemplary performances of the whole cast... intriguing and disturbing.' Planet Mondas

Charlotte Pollard. Space-time traveller. Former emissary of the mysterious and terrifying Viyrans.

Now she’s cast adrift and finds herself and unlikely adventurer Robert Buchan brought right down to Earth — but an Earth which is changing rapidly.

Why and how have they crash-landed in the London Underground? Who are the Identical Men? And why is human behaviour starting to change in startling and unexpected ways?

Charley, Robert and their friend the Rogue Viyran must find out if they are the solution or the cause.

Deep underground, something is stirring. Fragments of an alien design are coalescing…

Part 1: Embankment Station - A bumpy arrival, journalism, politics and a security crisis.

Part 2: Ruffling - Hiding in a bank, on the run, trapped underground.

Part 3: Seed of Chaos - Tube train trouble, the chaos begins, the Prime Minister arrives.

Part 4: The Destructive Quality of Life - Marooned on an alien world, a 'concentration camp' in Slough, messaging through space and time.

This release also includes a bonus hour of content featuring interviews with cast and crew.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


India Fisher (Charlotte Pollard), James Joyce (Robert Buchan), Dan Starkey (Rogue Viyran), Deirdre Mullins (Naomi Davies), Kieran Hodgson (Woking), Ashley Kumar (Rab), Rachel Atkins (Minister), Helen Goldwyn (Lysette Allegro), Pippa Haywood (Prime Minister), Colin McFarlane (The Identical Men), Karen Henson (Madeline), Gary Turner (Captain Warwick), Ben Crowe (Sergeant Hunter), Glen McCready (David Shillingford/Gelrasian/Guard/Proto-Viyran/Donald Predko/Soldiers).  Other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer and Script Editor Scott Handcock
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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