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Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1 (Limited Vinyl Edition)
Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures

DU1.1V. Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1 (Limited Vinyl Edition)

Released April 2021

Written by John Dorney Andrew Smith

From US $46.49

14 Listeners
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Time has gone awry. The Doctor is lost, without his TARDIS. But he’s not alone. The Space Security Service agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven haven’t always been on his side in the past, but now they are here to help him.

 And he’s going to need them - because the oldest foes of all are waiting to strike. Ready to take down their greatest enemy...

1.1 Buying Time by John Dorney
The far future. Anya Kingdom of the Space Security Service is on a mission investigating an SSS ship crashing on a distant jungle planet. Unknown to her superiors, she’s searching for something very specific... but what she finds is completely unexpected. Her old friend, the Doctor. With a completely different face and no idea what he’s doing there.

The Time Lord soon finds himself drawn into a conspiracy involving voracious predators, time travel and a malevolent businessman.

History itself is breaking down. If he makes a mistake, it could mean the end of everything...

1.2 The Wrong Woman by John Dorney
The team’s investigations have taken an unexpected turn - but the signs all still point to Sheldrake. With the clock ticking down to the launch of the time tunnels, the Doctor, Anya and Mark split up... but soon discover how hard it is to fight a foe who can always keep one step ahead of you.

But stopping him is only half the battle. The Doctor says that time can be rewritten - and Anya is searching for redemption. Can she put history back on track? Or is the Doctor’s future never going to be the same again?

1.3 The House of Kingdom by Andrew Smith
The Doctor and his friends are trying to locate a scientist to help them on their quest... but an attack on a space-station alters their plans.

Rescued by Anya's grandfather, Merrick, and taken to Neptune, the Doctor and Mark discover her family history. A story of betrayal and loss.

Will the Kingdoms be reconciled? Or are they destined to continue the mistakes of the past?


All vinyl pre-orders will come with a download version, and access to the behind the scenes interviews as bonus content.

Recorded on: 10-11 June 2020
Recorded at: Recorded remotely


What a boxset! Packed with twists and turns, surprise reveals and reunions between old friends, Dalek Universe 1 is truly an event release ... reflected in the strong guest casting and impeccable sound design and music from Howard Carter. The stars of the show, though, have got to be David Tennant, Jane Slavin and Joe Sims, who put in fantastic performances throughout. Add to that some great direction from Ken Bentley, who does excellent work at directing this despite the inconvenience of national lockdowns and remote recordings, and you get a boxset that is definitely far more than just the sum of its parts. Almost perfect.

Who Review

Ken Bentley’s direction and John Dorney’s script start Dalek Universe off with the perfect bang, leaving us with a cliffhanger that blew social media away. 10/10.

Indie Mac User

Oh, what a listen it is! From mixing Classic and Modern Who to epic cliffhangers, spot-on casting, and creating worlds out of sound, Dalek Universe 1 is nothing short of a triumph. Whether you're a fan of Classic or Modern Who or never picked up a Big Finish story before, this set has something to make a must-listen.

Warped Factor

Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1 is an exciting first installment in the Dalek Universe series. It’s a beautiful marriage of elements from both eras of Doctor Who, giving David Tennant’s Doctor the chance to have the kind of space opera adventures afforded to some of the Classic Doctors. I cannot wait to see where this series goes.

Thoroughly Modern Reviewer

Dalek Universe Volume One is a phenomenal release. It sets up so much and has so many possibilities! I can only prepare for more mind-blowing reveals and twists to come. And I can’t wait! Allons-y!

Temple of Geek

A hell of a fine start. 9/10

Sci-Fi Bulletin

Should you buy this box set? Yes, yes, one hundred percent yes. It's quite probably the most fun I've had with a Big Finish audiodrama in a while - you need to grab it before you get THOSE twists spoiled and before the next box set debuts.

The Dreamcage

Dalek Universe is a niche joy, but a definite joy all the same. And if you’re a sucker for gratuitous Doctor Who fanservice done well, this is gonna put a massive, massive smile on your face.

We Are Cult

The start of an epic, multi-part series like Dalek Universe from Big Finish is always exciting... seeing the Doctor and companions face up to an ever-expanding threat makes for thrilling listening.

We Made This

Buying Time / The Wrong Woman

John Dorney’s writing is stunningly good from start to finish with plenty of surprises in store including one whopper of a cliffhanger that leaves you gasping for air as you realize just how big this audio saga actually wants to go.

House of Kingdom

It’s obvious that Big Finish has prepared something truly marvelous with this saga and this set/story successfully leaves you with very high hopes for the future to come

Regen Reviews
  • Product Format: 3-disc LP (vinyl)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 175 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-454-9
  • Digital Retail ISBN: n/a
  • Production Code: BFPDW10THDALEKU1V
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