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Doctor Who: Short Trips Volume 12

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An audiobook anthology of six new Doctor Who short stories.

Salvage by Max Curtis (An Eighth Doctor and Bliss Adventure read by Adèle Anderson)
There's a place where all lost things go. Salvage, a sanctuary where the abandoned and misplaced can be found. In the Time War, more has been lost than ever before. Planets, people, and even whole timelines have been consumed by the fighting. Everyone needs Salvage, but even this haven isn’t immune from the effects of the Time War.

AWOL by Angus Dunican (A Third Doctor and Brigadier mini-drama read by Jon Culshaw)
In the short time the Doctor’s worked for UNIT, he’s become an invaluable part of the team. Yet, he’s gone missing. For the Brigadier, the tricky part isn’t going to be tracking him down. The tricky part is going to be convincing the Doctor to come back.

The Three Flames by Fio Trethewey (A Twelfth Doctor Adventure read by Dan Starkey)
Fleeing from a dying world, a family of Tenaborgs crash land on a strange planet. Their only hope of survival? A stranger called the Doctor.

Identity Check by Eugenie Pusenjak (A Ninth Doctor and Rose Adventure read by Jacob Dudman)
The Colossus River Diversion is one of the greatest engineering projects in the universe, created by different species all coming together to create something spectacular. However, when the Doctor and Rose arrive, old tensions boil to the surface and threaten to derail everything.

Table for Two, Dinner for One by Jennah Dean (A Tenth Doctor Adventure read by Ayesha Antoine)
Good evening, Madames and Monsieurs. Welcome to the Ristorante del Cosmo, the finest restaurant in all of London. It’s so good, in fact, we think you’ll never want to leave…

The Galois Group by Felicia Barker (An Eleventh Doctor and Valarie Adventure read by Safiyya Ingar)
There are rules to travelling in time, rules that Valarie Lockwood thought she understood. But, when she has an opportunity to break those rules, she seizes the chance. Valarie’s going to have to learn the hard way that the laws of time are there for a reason.


Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart © Haisman & Lincoln and used under licence. With thanks to Hannah Haisman and Candy Jar.

Recorded on: 7 June, 23 September, 15 October, 19 November 2021 and 14 July, 12 September 2022
Recorded at: The Soundhouse, LA Studios, PRL Studio


Max Curtis (Salvage) said: “On every world, even ours, there are stories of the place where lost things go. Every key that’s gone missing, every sock that’s ever vanished in the wash, and a million biros. But in the Time War, it’s become a place for lost people too. People like Bliss."

Angus Dunican (AWOL) said: “The great thing about Short Trips is that you can divest yourself of the need to tell 'a Doctor Who story' and, instead, reach into the endless treasure that is the show's history and just tell a story about the people you find. This is one of those."

Sophie Iles (The Three Flames) said: “This story was an excuse to write the Twelfth Doctor in a fairy tale, which is something I’ve wanted to explore for a while and also an excuse to write non-humanoid aliens as central characters."

Eugenie Pusenjak (Identity Check) said: “Irving Ordell – former soldier turned engine driver, and proud human from the planet New Thirdrock – is having a rough time. By day, he’s forced to work alongside the hated alien race who invaded his home ten years ago. At night, his sleep is punctuated by nightmares of the war. But why can Irving suddenly understand his enemy's language and what really happened to him at the end of the war? When he encounters the Ninth Doctor and Rose, Irving has the opportunity to uncover these mysteries."

Big Finish newcomer, Jennah Dean (Table for Two, Dinner for One) said: “I was over the moon when I was commissioned to write an episode for the Short Trips collection, as it's such a unique and versatile part of the Doctor Who output that is produced by Big Finish... Whilst the episode involves scary aliens from the other side of the universe, the central themes of love, loss and loneliness should hopefully have a universal appeal.”

Felicia Barker (The Galois Group) said: “One of the joys of Short Trips is the capacity they afford to experiment and carry a theme or concept to new depths. So, this is a story about Valarie learning the truths of time travel, a story archetype many listeners will think they know. But it's also a story about Valarie knowing those truths even before the story begins and never fully learning them at all...”



The collection creates a neat home for concepts perhaps not complex enough to satisfy an entire episode, but filled with the perfect amount of wit and heart for a short story. Like an entire series of Doctor Who breezing past in four hours of easy listening, Short Trips 12 is as varied and imaginative as Who at its best.

Blogtor Who

Overall we’ve got a good set here... Although beware that your mileage with the first and final stories specifically will vary depending on how familiar you are with Bliss and Valerie as characters, although getting the chance to have more stories with audio original companions is always one worth taking.

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