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Doctor Who: The Lost Stories: The First Doctor
Doctor Who - The Lost Stories

2.1. Doctor Who: The Lost Stories: The First Doctor

Available November 2010

Written by Moris Farhi

Adapted by Nigel Robinson

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Two unmade stories from the First Doctor's era.

Farewell, Great Macedon by Moris Farhi, adapted by Nigel Robinson
The TARDIS materialises in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, in the year 323 BC. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan meet Alexander the Great - but their excitement is tempered by the realization that these are the final days of Alexander's life. As the travellers become embroiled in the tragic events, the inevitability of history unfolds around them. But can they - and should they - change it?

The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance by Moris Farhi, adapted by Nigel Robinson
Fragrance is a paradise world - a utopia that the travellers are loathe to leave after a relaxing stay. But the way of life is different here. And so is the way of love - as Barbara discovers when the Fragile Yellow Arc is broken...


Recorded on: TBC
Recorded at: Moat Studios


Chronological placement:

This story take place between the tv story The Reign of Terror and the Big FInish audio adventure Here There Be Monsters.

Episode Titles:
1. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
2. O Son, My Son
3. A Man Must Die
4. The World Lies Dead At Your Feet
5. In The Arena
6. Farewell, Great Macedon!

  • Product Format: 4-disc CD (slipcover boxset)
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Duration: 290 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-84435-452-8
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78575-882-9
  • Production Code: BFPDWLS09
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