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Pathfinder Legends - Curse of the Crimson Throne: Escape from Old Korvosa
Pathfinder Legends

3.3. Pathfinder Legends - Curse of the Crimson Throne: Escape from Old Korvosa

Available March 2017

Written by Richard Pett

Adapted by David Bryher

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8 Listeners
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Anarchy, plague, and the mandates of a pitiless queen have thrown the island community of Old Korvosa into chaos. Forsaken by the government and cut off from the rest of the city, hundreds of unfortunates stand helpless against the rising criminal warlords, each eager to carve out a slice of Korvosa as his own.

Yet, amid the turmoil of warring gangs and sinister power mongers hides the only man who might be able to restore sanity to the beleaguered city. But why has he remained silent for so long? What secret of the new queen does he hide? And what fiendish power grows in the shadows, ready to sink its claws into the heart of Old Korvosa?


  • Product Format: 2-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Duration: 131 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78575-959-8
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78575-958-1
  • Production Code: BFPPATHCD015
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