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vi. Return to the Web Planet

Return to the Web Planet

Released December 2008


CD US $12.88
Download US $7.99



"It's an ancient name. From the dark time..."

It's been hundreds of years and several regenerations since the Doctor last visited the insect world of Vortis. Much has changed during his absence, but not necessarily for the better.

This now green and pleasant land isn't the paradise it first appears. Something malevolent is living out in The Desolation... And the Doctor and Nyssa must solve the mystery before the City of Light is overrun.




Main Doctor Who range subscribers whose subscription includes release 103, The Girl Who Never Was, will receive this one-disc Doctor Who audio drama absolutely free. Return to the Web Planet can also be bought separately.

Written By: Daniel O'Mahony
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards


Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Sam Kelly (Acheron), Julie Buckfield (Hedyla), Matthew Noble (Yanesh), Claire Wyatt (Speaker)


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