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238. The Lure of the Nomad

The Lure of the Nomad

Released May 2018

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4.5/5 “Matthew J Elliott and Big Finish have managed to achieve something quite special with ‘The Lure of the Nomad.’ “ Doctor Who Reviews

"A dark and witty story, so much more than a base under attack and with a simply superb guest cast" Tin Dog

"The Lure of the Nomad is an entirely original creation, a story that doesn’t fit into any pre-determined mold, but rather one that goes off in its own startling but wholly authentic direction… Don’t miss this one." MassMovement

"This is as good as they get. It has action, adventure, humour, fleshed our characters and an exciting plot. Combine all that with tremendous sound design, music, a new companion, add Colin Baker and what more could you need?" Blogtor Who

For thousands of years, it has drifted through space, unimpeded, forgotten, seemingly lifeless. Now, finally, it has been discovered.

Responding to a distress call from the mysterious hulk, the Doctor and his companion, space pilot Mathew Sharpe, walk into a desperate situation. The multi-tentacled semibionic Makara were tasked with renovating the abandoned craft, but now they’ve begun murdering their employers.

The Doctor soon realises that the Makara have been programmed to kill, but by whom, and for what reason? Finding out the truth will mean uncovering a secret that threatens the entire Universe.

Written By: Matthew J Elliott
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Colin Baker (The Doctor), George Sear (Mathew Sharpe), Matthew Holness (Eric Drazen), Susie Riddell (Esther Brak), Ruth Sillers (Willoway), Jonathan Christie (Captain Schumer), Anna Barry (Juniper Hartigan), Dan March (Varian). Other parts played by members of the cast.


Producer John Ainsworth
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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