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Vortex Issue 62

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It's a brand new trilogy for the Fifth Doctor this month, and who better to introduce it than its star, Peter Davison? But first there's some unfinished 50th anniversary business to take care of...


The writers involved in the seventh season of stupendous stories for the infernal investigators whet the appetite for what's coming up in their four brand new tales.


Our monthly spotlight on the Blake's 7 cast lands on Sally Knyvette, aka Jenna, who discusses leaving, returning and why she finds making new stories so satisfying.


The writer of this month's unsettling tale, Alan Flanagan, previews his work and guest star Greg Patmore talks about the many roles he's played in the range to date.


In celebration of a new trilogy featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, we take a look back at the classic Circular Time.


Your letters answered, a list of what's coming up, and a sneak peek at Doctor Who: The Highest Science. If you'd like to send in a question or comment, please drop us a line on and mark your e-mail 'Feedback'.


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