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August 2012 Releases

The Masters of Luxor Doctor Who - The Lost Stories

3.07. The Masters of Luxor

Starring Carole Ann Ford and William Russell, with Joe Kloska

Black and White Doctor Who - Main Range

163. Black and White

Starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier, Maggie O'Neill and Amy Pemberton

Speak No Evil Dark Shadows - Audiobooks

28. Speak No Evil

Starring Arthur Darvill, Katharine Mangold and Antonio Rastelli

Iris Wildthyme Series 03 Iris Wildthyme

3.0. Iris Wildthyme Series 03

Starring Katy Manning and David Benson

Latest Updates

The Wreck of the World Doctor Who - The Early Adventures

4.4. The Wreck of the World (Coming Soon)

Updated 13 October 2017


Cover and trailer now online

The Rani Elite Doctor Who - Main Range

194. The Rani Elite

Updated 13 October 2017


One of the Sixth Doctor titles available at discount prices for this long weekend - see News

The Outliers Doctor Who - The Early Adventures

4.2. The Outliers

Updated 12 October 2017


Released today

The Behemoth Doctor Who - Main Range

231. The Behemoth

Updated 11 October 2017


Released today

Time in Office Doctor Who - Main Range

230. Time in Office

Updated 09 October 2017


Subscribers get more at Big Finish - the extended extras download is now available to all subscribers who've bought Time in Office

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