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The Big Finish Roundup

The Big Finish Roundup

11 February 2018

Gallifrey stands and returns on download. Martians invaded. Cardiff was almost destroyed. And all in one week. Don’t miss any of the news in the Big Finish roundup.

At the time of writing, we’ve good news for fans of the Gallifrey series! Big Finish have been hard at work behind-the-scenes and have secured the download rights for adventures from Gallifrey. Check your Big Finish account to get download access for your previous purchases. And there are special offers over the whole of the Gallifrey range as well to celebrate. Find more information here

This week we wrapped up the epic series five of Torchwood with the finale of Aliens Among Us, which was released on Tuesday.

How did Yvonne Hartman survive? Is Jack working with terrorists? And what happened to Gwen? You can find out now, only at Big Finish.

We looked at some previous Fourth Doctor releases, with The Sons of Kaldor, part of series seven of the Fourth Doctor Adventures. Writer Andrew Smith told us what inspired this tale here.

And we announced more details on the upcoming Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4 on Wednesday, where the Third Doctor will face off against the Meddling Monk and the Cybermen.

Out on Thursday was the Martian Invasion of Earth, starring Richard Armitage and Lucy Briggs-Owen. Concluding the HG Wells’s run of Big Finish Classics, will humanity survive?

And on Saturday we looked behind the scenes at the (almost!) all-female production team of ATA Girl, the first of our Big Finish Originals. You can find out more about the team creating the heroic drama here.

And that’s the Big Finish news! Make sure you follow the Big Finish social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest.

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