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The Martian Invasion of Earth – out now

The Martian Invasion of Earth – out now

8 February 2018

The most epic of all the stories by HG Wells gets a full-cast audio adaptation from Big Finish. Starring Richard Armitage and Lucy Briggs-Owen – do you dare to hear the testimony of a survivor… of the Martian Invasion of Earth?

Concluding the HG Wells’s run of Big Finish Classics, the Martian Invasion of Earth is out now. Will humanity survive?

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s…

A curiosity falls to Earth on Horsell Common, and a nightmare begins. England is laid waste by huge fighting machines, armed with devastating heat rays. Humanity brings its own weapons to bear upon the invaders, but can they be any match?

Trapped in a war of two worlds, one couple battles to survive. Herbert and Amy will witness… The Martian Invasion of Earth.

Nicholas Briggs, who dramatised and also directed this new adaptation of the classic novel, told Vortex magazine about bringing one of his favourite books to life: “Well, love doesn’t quite cover it! It feels like it’s a part of me. Part of so many of my basic assumptions about storytelling and science fiction ideas. I love science fiction and this is the ultimate science fiction story for me. It feels like it’s in my DNA.”

To celebrate this final release (and to thank everyone for their patience), all purchases of the Martian Invasion of Earth also get two versions of the script via PDF, a whole music suite, and behind-the-scenes extras to download via the Big Finish website.

You can pick up this latest tale of wonder from the genius mind of HG Wells at £14.99 on CD or £12.99 on download right now.

Or you can save money in a bundle with our other HG Wells releases including The Invisible Man starring Sir John Hurt, The Shape of Things To Come starring Nicola Walker and Sam Troughton and The Time Machine starring Ben Miles for £66 on download or £78 on CD.

And do let us know what you thought of the HG Wells's range by sharing your comments and reviews with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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