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The Big Finish weekly roundup

The Big Finish weekly roundup

24 September 2017

It’s been a busy Big Finish week with many exciting new releases from some of our favourite ranges. Here’s the week’s news in the Big Finish roundup.

At the time of writing, we have a number of special offers on our stories featuring everyone’s favourite robot companion, K9. Next month will be the 40th Anniversary for robot dog, K9, since his first appearance on our TV screens in the Doctor Who story The Invisible Enemy. To access these special offers go to page and use offer code marius to access them. These offers will run until 23:59 UK time on Monday 25th September.

Monday this week saw the return of The Omega Factor, with Series Three coming out in March 2018. In four new stories, Adam Crane and Dr Anne Reynolds, working for Department 7, the top secret organisation investigating the paranormal, will continue their adventures against supernatural forces.

Out on Wednesday, Benny told us some True Stories in the latest Big Finish short story anthology novel and Ebook. Also released was the next episode in Doctor Who – The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 04: Ruler of the Universe: It’s the Doctor’s two greatest fears… the end of the universe as we know it, and bureaucracy.

Bernice Summerfield is still trapped in a dying universe with the wrong Doctor. Things have taken a turn for the worse – the Doctor has become President of the Universe and, it turns out, he’s a controversial choice for the job. While Bernice works to unearth the mythical Apocalypse Clock, the Doctor’s immersed in the murky world of politics and the dark forces that are working against him. As battlefleets fight and terrible deals are done, the peoples of the universe wonder if they’ve made a terrible decision. Is the Doctor up to ruling the universe? Watching from the sidelines, the Master is quick to reassure everyone that he has no ambitions in that direction. And, meanwhile, the stars are going out...

Thursday saw the announcement of a new set of adventures for River Song. Alex Kingston kicks off 2018 for Big Finish with four new stories in The Diary of River Song Series Three. The Fifth Doctor (played by Peter Davison) joins River in these new tales where they’ll encounter River’s most cunning adversary and the most terrifying midwife in Doctor Who history. Madame Kovarian will be played by Frances Barber as she faces off against the Fifth and River Song in this new box set.

And on Saturday, we looked at the gorgeous covers for the Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume Two, coming out next month.

And that’s the Big Finish week! Make sure you follow our social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news.

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