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Benny: Missing Persons Slightly Delayed

Benny: Missing Persons Slightly Delayed

28 November 2013

Due to unforeseen problems during the production process, Big Finish is sorry to announce that Bernice Summerfield box set Missing Persons will be delayed until next month. It's currently at the pressing plant, and should be out in early December. Apologies to fans eagerly anticipating this release.

When Bernice Summerfield was invited to participate in a cult archaeology broadcast on the mysterious world of Saravas, she could never have imagined the secrets she might unearth there… or the terrible Truth that would stalk her back to Legion.

With friends and family by her side, Bernice quickly finds herself flung into the face of danger: either combatting deranged despots at terraformed garden parties, appeasing gunslingers in the White Rabbit bar, or simply attempting to survive on a barren desert planet, all alone…

The odds are stacked against her, and this is undoubtedly the end for Bernice Summerfield… but she’s determined to go out fighting!

Bernice Summerfield: Missing Persons is available to order now, as is tie-in book Adorable Illusion, due for release in February.

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