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Big Finish Days - Doctor Who and More!

Big Finish Days - Doctor Who and More!

14 September 2014

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who attended Big Finish Day 5 at the Copthorne Windsor, Slough yesterday, Saturday 13th September. The event was a great success with great guests given a great reception by our loyal Big Finish listeners, customers and supporters.

The day started off with Tom Baker on fine form, often reducing our host, Nick Briggs, to hysterics (pictured here). The day continued with panels and signing opportunities for many of our ranges, including Survivors, Vienna, Doctor Who: The Early Adventures, Dark Shadows, Bernice Summerfield, Terrahawks, Pathfinder Legends, Counter Measures and much more besides.

Matthew Waterhouse (best known as Adric, starring alongside Peter Davison in Doctor Who in the early 1980s) was a particularly passionate advocate of Dark Shadows, in which he has several guest 'appearances' demonstrating his versatility. Chase Masterson was there to convey her passion about her ruthless assassin Vienna, but was entertainingly bemused by mentions of Terrahawks. Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry, was a powerful advocate for the upcoming adventures of Ninestein and the team in their endless battle to save the Earth from the evil Zelda (pre-orders are available with the series being released in April 2015!).

David Darlington and Joe Lidster announced their exciting Dark Shadows news of twice-weekly serial downloads being released in January and February 2015, entitled Bloodlust. There'll be more exciting news of this murder-mystery-horror story emerging in the coming months. Don't miss it.

If you came along, Big Finish would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your support. We would be nothing without you.

Thanks also for all those of you who kept tweeting during the event. We realize that many of you couldn't attend, but that you were able to keep up with the sometimes raucous developments through the 'twitter-sphere'. Things did go particularly crazy when the Dark Shadows, Terrahawks and Vienna teams started discussing Scooby-Doo... which was, of course, all Nick Briggs's fault!

So, if you missed out this time, or if you came along and want more of the same fun soon... Pleased be advised/warned/delighted (delete as applicable) that Big Finish Day 6 has already been announced - landing date: Saturday 17th January. You can find details here on the 10th Planet Events website.

And finally, we'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to Derek Hambly and his 10th Planet Events team who did such a fantastic job organising everything so well for the convention. We know they'll already be working their socks off to make Big Finish Day 6 and 7 equally successful.

For more, great pictures of Big Finish Day 5, just click here.

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