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Coming Soon - Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters 2!

Coming Soon - Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters 2!

2 March 2017

With recording finished, we're delighted to confirm the release date and story details for the next Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters...

In July's Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2, on top of the Fourth and Eighth Doctors both encountering the Vashta Nerada, and the Fifth Doctor's battle with the Racnoss, we can now confirm that Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor will be battling those New Series witches of words in Doctor Who - The Carrionite Curse.

Says writer Simon Guerrier, "Matt Fitton asked me to write for Colin and the Carrionites. The Carrionites get their power from words, and the Sixth Doctor is the most logophile of Doctors, so I knew there was something potent there. David Richardson suggested the 1980s setting, invoking something of the Enfield poltergeist of the late 1970s, and I drew a bit on Hammer's "To The Devil a Daughter", or at least my memories of being terrified of that in my teens. And I was keen to ensure that this was definitely the Carrionites, not just any witchy aliens, so I looked for something to link it firmly to The Shakespeare Code...".

Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2 will be released in July, priced at £20 on Download and £23 for the five-disc CD set (which unlocks access to a digital version). It will be a Big Finish exclusive until 30th September, at which point the frozen pre-release price ends and it becomes £30 on Download and £35 on CD.

This set can be bought alongside the second volumes of Doctor Who - The Churchill Years and Doctor Who - The Diary of River Song in a collected bundle for £60 on either format - just £5 per brand new, full-cast story with some of your favourite TV characters! Check out all of our Doctor Who - New Series titles here.

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