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Confessions of Dorian Gray - Cast Details Announced!

Confessions of Dorian Gray - Cast Details Announced!

5 August 2014

As first revealed this morning as part of the Big Finish 15 news, ahead of its release this November, we are pleased to reveal casting for the third series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, starring Alexander Vlahos as the titular antihero!

‘Series three of The Confessions of Dorian Gray is a bit of a different beast from what’s come before,’ explains producer and director Scott Handcock. ‘Alex and I were both very keen to do something different this time round, and what we have in store will hopefully please long-standing fans of the range, as well as keeping everyone on their toes and delivering something new! Not only have we eight episodes now instead of five, but we’re making the most of the extended run to try a few new things, and we’re driving Dorian’s story in directions we haven’t before…’

Also returning alongside Alexander Vlahos’s Dorian are a number of familiar characters from previous releases, including Miles Richardson (The Picture of Dorian Gray) as Henry Wotton, David Blackwell (The Fallen King of Britain) as Simon Darlow, and Bernard Holley (The Mayfair Monster) as an older incarnation of Dorian Gray himself.

‘There’s been a certain joy to building up Dorian’s world over the past few series,’ continues Scott, ‘and we’ve always had at the back of our mind how certain characters or actors might return, depending on the storylines we’re telling. Dorian’s no stranger to flashbacks and hallucinations - phantoms even - so it’s all too easy to flesh out a bit of backstory should the opportunity arise! But we’ve also got a whole host of brand-new characters for him to encounter, and a cracking cast on board to play them!’

Doctor Who stars Nicola Bryant and Terry Molloy finally get the opportunity to act alongside one another for the first time since filming Revelation of the Daleks in 1985, and are joined by fellow Doctor Who guest stars Annette Badland (Boom Town), Tracey Childs (The Fires of Pompeii), Barnaby Edwards (Dalek operator), and Edward Harrison, who is set to appear in the forthcoming eighth series alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor!

Completing the line-up are Sean Biggerstaff (Harry Potter), Blake Ritson (Da Vinci’s Demons), Sophie Wu (Fresh Meat), Laura Doddington (Graceless), Toby Longworth, Alex Jordan, Christopher Allen and Andrew Pepper.

The eight-episode series due in November can be pre-ordered now on CD (£20) and Download (£18), and will also include a bonus disc of behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew.

For the latest updates, follow the Dorian Gray Twitter account: @DorianGrayBFP

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