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Dark Shadows – Bloodline

Dark Shadows – Bloodline

8 December 2018

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year. Big Finish Productions is delighted to announce that the wedding of Amy Jennings and David Collins will be taking place next year in the new 13-part series, Dark Shadows: Bloodline.

Following on from the highly-successful Dark Shadows: Bloodlust series, Bloodline, which is being released in April 2019, tells the next chapter in the lives of the cursed Collins family and their friends. The full list of wedding guests will be announced early next year but several have already confirmed their attendance…

Naturally the bride, Amy Jennings (Stephanie Ellyne), is planning to be there – but she isn’t happy about where and when the wedding will take place…

The groom, David Collins (Alec Newman) was upset to discover that his father and his Aunt Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to attend, so he’s flown over to Paris to find out why…

Amy’s son Tom (Michael Shon), and stepson Harry (Scott Haran), will be in attendance but we’ve heard rumours that all isn’t well in the house of Collinwood…

And Quentin Collins (David Selby) and his wife, Lela (Susan Sullivan), are away on holiday at the moment but are looking forward to returning for the wedding…

A wedding is the perfect opportunity for old friends to help celebrate the happy day, and so everyone is also looking forward to welcoming Cyrus (Christopher Pennock) and Sabrina Longworth-Jennings (Lisa Richards) back to town. They’ve been away for quite a while, living a lovely, normal, quiet suburban life away from the madness of Collinsport…

Do join us for what local residents are already calling ‘the wedding of the century'. The Collins family have been through so much over the years, so they truly deserve this day of happiness…

Bloodline will be available as individual episodes on download at £3.49 released bi-weekly beginning in April 2019. Or you can pre-order the complete series in two box set releases on CD at £25 each or download at £20 each. Or why not save money and pre-order them both together at £48 on CD or £35 on download.

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