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First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 story details

First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 story details

6 November 2018

More details have been revealed today for the third volume of The First Doctor Adventures with the original yet slightly different TARDIS team. And after listening to the trailer we’re very excited by this one – it’s terrifying!

Coming out in January 2019, are you ready for The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three?

3.1 The Phoenicians by Marc Platt

In ancient Tyre, the Phoenician civilisation commands the oceans. But times are turbulent – the young King’s quarrel with his sister threatens to divide the nation.

On perilous seas, Ian becomes Princess Elissa’s favourite, while Susan and Barbara face losing their freedom. In the city, the Doctor falls foul of King Pygmalion.

As they reach dangerous shores, the travellers fight to survive as legend becomes history…

3.2 Tick-Tock World by Guy Adams

When disaster befalls the TARDIS, its occupants find themselves in a bizarre location, somewhere between space and time.

Desperate survivors hide among ruins, greedy scavenging creatures hunt new prey, and ghosts scream out warnings across time.

All the while, a mysterious woman watches the TARDIS crew, knowing, as sure as tock follows tick, that a terrible fate awaits them…

The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three sees the Doctor (David Bradley) continuing to travel with the original TARDIS team, Ian Chesterton (played by Jamie Glover), Barbara (played by Jemma Powell) and Susan (played by Claudia Grant) and this time they’re also joined by another member of the original cast as Carole Ann Ford plays ‘The Woman’.

As in the preceding two volumes, the set contains a historical adventure and a science fiction story.

“It’s always a treat to work with Carole,” says producer David Richardson. “She’s so openly enthusiastic about Big Finish and we’re currently chatting about new projects that you’ll see her in in the future. I loved the idea of having her in our First Doctor Adventures – she had met David, Claudia, Jamie and Jemma during the making of the TV film, An Adventure in Space and Time, and this was a very happy reunion.

“In fact, David hadn’t noticed Carole’s name on the script front and so when she walked through the door his face broke into the happiest of beaming smiles. It was clear that he was utterly delighted to have Doctor Who royalty involved!”

Available in January 2019, you can pre-order The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three at £23 on CD or £20 on download.

And there’s more for fans of the First Doctor as we are now halfway through series five of The Early Adventures starring Peter Purves as the First Doctor/Steven, and Maureen O’Brien as Vicki. Tune into the trailer for Entanglement, out later this month.

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