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Jago & Litefoot Forever

Jago & Litefoot Forever

24 May 2018

There’s time for one last hurrah from the infernal investigators with the release of their final adventure starring the late Trevor Baxter as Professor George Litefoot and Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago.

Jago & Litefoot Forever is out now.

Henry Gordon Jago finds himself celebrating New Year’s Eve without his best friend. Where has Litefoot gone?

Together with his friends Ellie, Quick and Dr Luke Betterman, Jago is on the trail of the missing professor and dear friend – and it will lead to one of the strangest cases in their infernal investigations...

Producer David Richardson told us about bringing this joyful conclusion to Jago & Litefoot in last month’s Vortex: “When Trevor passed away we were all adamant that Jago & Litefoot couldn’t continue. I remember chatting to Christopher at the funeral, and we agreed that without Trevor, it was all over.

“But Jason Haigh-Ellery, our boss, wanted an ending for the series. And as much as I resisted it, I gradually started to see the importance of it, not just for the listeners but for Trevor as well – it was a way for us to honour both him and the character of Litefoot, and bring this joyous, beautiful saga to a lovely, emotional ending.”

Director Lisa Bowerman told us about bringing the final chapter together: “I’m very pleased David suggested we did this last story, and that Christopher was keen to do it. Paul Morris did a wonderful job of tying it all up. Together with the splendid Short Trips that Trevor and Christopher had already recorded, I think the whole box set will be a great celebration not only of Trevor but of Jago & Litefoot as a whole.”

Jago & Litefoot Forever is a three-disc box set which includes two Jago & Litefoot Short Trips (previously available on download only) and an hour long documentary and tribute to Trevor.

Jago & Litefoot Forever is available at £16.99 on CD or £14.99 on download. Don’t forget all CD purchases unlock a download exclusive on the Big Finish app and the Big Finish website.

And there’s more for fans of Jago & Litefoot as for the Listeners Title this month we have not one but two adventures! For the whole of May you can pick up two journeys with the Sixth Doctor joined by those infernal investigators, Jago & Litefoot. Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New World are now just 99p each on download.

If you’ve never heard the adventures of Jago & Litefoot before, you can listen to The Bloodless Soldier from the first set in Big Finish's Jago & Litefoot series for free as it is available as an exclusive download to all subscribers of the Big Finish Newsletter.

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