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Out Now – Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries

Out Now – Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries

5 October 2017

In the latest release based on the cult ABC TV series, Tony Peterson and Cassandra Collins return to the world of Dark Shadows.

She’s a witch. He’s a private detective. And when they get together, it’s magic…

Released today is the newest addition in the Dark Shadows range: four tales of mystery, intrigue and the supernatural with The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries. These stand-alone tales will delight Dark Shadows fans, and anyone who fancies a Halloween treat.

(For Dark Shadows fans already familiar with previous Big Finish releases, The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries are set between The Last Stop and The Phantom Bride. Keep reading for a special collection on these additional Tony & Cassandra stories!)

Joe Lidster, one of the producers of the range, told us all about the return of these two legendary characters, “They’re finally back! Tony and Cassandra, the private investigator and the witch! Although they’re so busy arguing and fighting and ignoring the obvious sexual tension between them, that even they have to admit they might not be the greatest detectives in the world!

“We can only imagine the fun they had recording this in America with Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker being joined by Emmy Award-nominated Julia Duffy as their new secretary – the hard-drinking, hard-talking octogenarian Rita. Certainly, we had a great time recording our side of it here in the UK. So many accents, so many ridiculous deaths, so many plane crashes acted out in real time. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for four stories of murder, mayhem, spooks and sass.”

The tales in this box set include:

The Mystery at Crucifix Heights by Philip Meeks

When private investigator Tony Peterson goes undercover to Chicago with his no-nonsense secretary Rita Channing, he has no idea the formidable witch Cassandra Collins is about to make a suitably dramatic entrance back into his life.

At a rambling mansion called Crucifix Heights cut off by a ferocious snowstorm, Tony and Cassandra have been hired by separate clients to attend an auction of deadly arcane objects and artefacts.

The pair at first struggle to reconcile their differences but then people around them start dying horribly, one by one. They have to try to work together because the killer at large is ingenious and seemingly unstoppable. Everyone stranded at Crucifix Heights is in peril.

Including themselves.

The Mystery of La Danse Macabre by Zara Symes

Tony and Cassandra knew when they took their first case together that there would be a few bumps in the road, but when the supernatural detective duo arrive at Busby Hall in downtown Boston – a dilapidated music hall that's rumoured to be haunted – they'll find that there's more danger afoot than just things that go bump in the night.

Battling against curses, bargains with the dark side, and more than one attempt on their lives, will Tony and Cassandra be able to overcome their differences and work as a team? Or will this be their last waltz?

The Mystery of Flight 493 by Alan Flanagan

When Tony and Cassandra board a flight bound for home they think that their latest case is behind them until a terrifying creature begins to murder their fellow passengers. Something is hunting the people on Flight 493, and Tony and Cassandra must deduce what connects it with a story about a little boy who's terrified of what might be under his bed… before it's all far too late…

The Mystery of Karmina Sonata by Aaron Lamont

When Karmina Sonata arrives in their office, Tony and Cassandra think it’s just another case. A séance gone wrong, a few violent deaths... par for the course, if you specialize in the unusual. But what if this is not just another case? What if something else is going on? And what if, just if, their sins are about to find them out? Because for Tony and Cassandra, things will never be the same again...

Make sure you pick up these wicked tales, available now at £30 on CD or £25 on download.

Please note that due to our annual stock take, we will not be able to post out copies of The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries CD box set until next week, and we apologise for this delay. In the meantime, you can enjoy immediate access the download version via the website or the Big Finish App.

And now you can also revisit all our earlier Tony & Cassandra adventures: The Tony & Cassandra Collection is a must for fans who want to explore more mysteries with this dynamic duo. You can now get The Death Mask, The Last Stop, The Voodoo Amulet, The Phantom Bride and The Devil Cat together in this digital download box set for £25 (that’s £5 a story!).

AND (for a further Halloween treat) why not try Dark Shadows: Speak No Evil. Available on download this month at £2.99 starring Arthur Darvill (Rory in Doctor Who, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), this tale gives you another glimpse into the world of Collinsport.

Tad Collins, a man haunted by an unhappy childhood, is rich, arrogant and so terribly lonely.

Marie Olson, the tattooed lady, is haunted by a past that she has tried to escape.

Naturally, they hate each other.

But when a mysterious and sinister clown breaks into Collinwood to steal a book on the occult, Tad and Marie have to work together.

They don't realise, though, that the clown has plans for them both…

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