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Out today: Doctor Who - The Early Adventures: The Outliers

Out today: Doctor Who - The Early Adventures: The Outliers

12 October 2017

The next release for the Second Doctor, Polly, Jamie and Ben from The Early Adventures is The Outliers, a tale that takes a spookier turn from last month’s The Night Witches...

The Early Adventures of Doctor Who continue from last month’s 10/10 adventure with the Second Doctor, Polly, Jamie and Ben finding themselves underground in deep water and deeper trouble.

The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie to a flooded underground town on an alien world. The streets are empty. The houses are bare. Not a trace of life.

The miners working here are vanishing. And it isn’t long before the time-travellers are suspected of being responsible for the disappearances. But even the authorities haven’t fully realised the scale of the problem.

There’s something else on this world. Something dragging people away. And it won’t stop until it’s taken them all.

We chatted to writer Simon Guerrier about what inspired this tale: “The Outliers was the result of me wanting to write something for Ben Jackson, having not given him much to do in my last one, The Yes Men, because I didn't expect the part to be recast, let alone by someone as talented as Elliot (Chapman). So I was thinking about a story that might suit Ben, and that him being a sailor it should be set on a boat.

“I then remembered the great scene towards the end of Jaws, the night before Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss face the giant shark, where they sit up drinking on their boat comparing war stories. So I watched Jaws again for the first time in years, and realised there was lots more I could plunder.

“It's set in the long gap between The Macra Terror and The Faceless Ones (I assume it's long given how much Polly's hair grows between them!), and after The Yes Men.”

Grab this chapter of The Early Adventures starring Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines and Elliot Chapman, available on CD at £14.99 or download at £12.99. Don’t forget that all CD purchases unlock a download exclusive with the Big Finish app.

Or save in a subscription – get all four volumes of series four of Doctor Who – The Early Adventures for £45 on CD or £40 on download.

Coming out next in Doctor Who – The Early Adventures is The Morton Legacy written by Justin Richards.

When the TARDIS lands in London, Ben and Polly are initially delighted to be back home… until they realise that they’re a hundred years too early. But this is nothing next to how the Doctor and Jamie feel when the TARDIS itself vanishes!

Their attempts to locate their ship lead them to an antiquarian, Josiah Morton, possessed of a most unusual collection that is currently subjected to a legal dispute. But they’re not the only people interested in him. Dangerous criminals watch from the shadows, waiting for a moment to strike. And the police are calling too – accusing him of murder.

An unusual series of deaths have been occurring across the capital, and all signs point to Morton as the culprit. But is he really a killer? Or is there something else at large in the city? Something… alien?

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