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4.2. The Outliers

The Outliers

Released October 2017

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"10/10. Simon Guerrier is one of Big Finish’s most dependable writers. ‘The Outliers’ is a gripping example of his talent with the Second Doctor." Blogtor Who

"4/5 Writer Simon Guerrier has captured both the feel of the time (aided by some great sound work and music from Toby Hrycek-Robinson) and given some more modern motivations to the antagonists. Another solid release in a range fast becoming as essential as the monthly releases." Cultbox

"9/10 It very much feels like something from the period, with hints of both The Macra Terror and The Underwater Menace from time to time – and Guerrier has a lot of fun with a small segment looking to the future…" SciFi Bulletin

"9/10 You have something that feels in tone like an original second Doctor story. Guerrier even talks of colours and sets he envisages would have been used if this was on TV and how that influenced his writing when he is talking in the interview extras. But this also has some pleasing suspense, horror and modern high concept elements that are layered in. What you get as an result is a well-integrated hybrid of old and new Who. A must for your 2nd Doctor collection!" Indie Mac User

"If you are yet to hear any of the Early Adventures, then this is a great place to start." Doctor Who Companion


The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie to a flooded underground town on an alien world. The streets are empty. The houses are bare. Not a trace of life.

The miners working here are vanishing. And it isn’t long before the time-travellers are suspected of being responsible for the disappearances. But even the authorities haven’t fully realised the scale of the problem.

There’s something else on this world. Something dragging people away. And it won’t stop until it’s taken them all.

Written By: Simon Guerrier
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


Anneke Wills (Polly Wright/Narrator), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon/The Doctor), Elliot Chapman (Ben Jackson), Alistair Petrie (Richard Tipple), Debbie Chazen (Dr Goro), Matilda Ziegler (Chatura Sharma)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor John Dorney
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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