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Peter Davison's Birthday - Doctor Who Special Offer

Peter Davison's Birthday - Doctor Who Special Offer

10 April 2015

On Monday it's the birthday of the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison. To mark the event we've got a few Doctor Who special offers lined up...

Happy Birthday, Peter Davison!

Celebrating his birthday on Monday, Peter was one of the first three Doctor Who actors to agree to reprise the role for Big Finish, starting with Doctor Who - The Sirens of Time in 1999. Since then, the Fifth Doctor's travelled through our main range with a variety of companions, right up to date with last month's Doctor Who - The Entropy Plague.

To mark the birthday, we've put seven of the Fifth Doctor's stories from the Doctor Who main range down to a special offer price of £5 on CD or Download (plus relevant postage): Doctor Who - The Mind's Eye, Doctor Who - The Bride of Peladon, Doctor Who - The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Doctor Who - The Boy That Time Forgot, Doctor Who - Time Reef, Doctor Who - The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories, and Doctor Who - 1001 Nights.

We're also moving the price back in time for the acclaimed Doctor Who - The Fifth Doctor Box Set to it's pre-release price of £25 on CD and £20 on Download.

When we last did a special offer in the main range, we had a lot of interest in our Doctor-specific selections. Therefore, we've set up the Doctor Who - The Fifth Doctor Collected range, which shows at a glance all the Fifth Doctor stories produced by Big Finish. We've also got eight specially-priced Bundles (with free postage for the UK) for Download and CD bringing together all the normally full-priced Fifth Doctor stories from the main Doctor Who range (please note that subscription extras do not apply to these collections). And lastly there's a reminder that all of the Fifth Doctor stories in the first fifty of our main range are available on Download at £2.99 each or in a Bundle that enables you to get them all in one go!

As ever, any CD purchase through the Big Finish website gives you instant access to a Download version of the story, so there's no excuse not to be listening to a new Fifth Doctor story on Monday, just in time to raise a glass to Peter Davison and wish him a happy birthday and many more!

This offer lasts until mid-day on Monday (UK time).

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