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September discounts – last chance

September discounts – last chance

22 September 2018

Don’t miss the chance to save money by taking advantage of the pre-order prices on some of our recent releases – only available until the end of this month.

Released in August, Bernice Summerfield: Treasury contains short stories previously only available in print from notable writers that many Doctor Who viewers and listeners will recognise.

Narrated by Benny herself, Lisa Bowerman, and Andrew Cartmel, and with writers such as Ben Aaronovitch, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell, Kate Orman, Steven Moffat, Andrew Cartmel and Terrance Dicks, this dig into Benny’s history is a must for audiobook lovers.

So make sure you get it before it is unearthed on general release – and goes up in price!

The First Doctor Adventures Volume Two came out in July. The TARDIS team are travelling far far away from London into strange new worlds and forbidden chapters of humanity’s past…

With David Bradley back in the TARDIS as the First Doctor, Jamie Glover as Ian Chesterton, Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright and Claudia Grant as Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, don’t miss out on these adventures with the First Doctor.

The second installment of the Eighth Doctor’s foray into the Time War also came out in July this year. Starring Paul McGann as the Doctor and Rakhee Thakrar as companion Bliss, the late Jacqueline Pearce also returns as Cardinal Ollistra, Nikki Amuka-Bird plays Tamasan and Julia McKenzie is the Twelve.

As the Time War gets more treacherous the Time Lords and Daleks become more desperate and they’ll use anything and anyone at their disposal… the Doctor and Bliss can only hope to avoid the crossfire. 

Make sure you buy it at its pre-order price before the end of the month.

Yvonne Hartman is required – Torchwood One came under threat from the Law Machines and WOTAN in July – and it is payback time. Don’t miss out on Torchwood One: Machines at its pre-order price of just £20 on CD or £15 on download.

Which of these releases has been your favourite so far? Do let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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