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Taking Care After The Caretaker! (Doctor Who Series 8 Special Offer)

Taking Care After The Caretaker! (Doctor Who Series 8 Special Offer)

27 September 2014

So that's the end of another Doctor Who Saturday evening. But this isn't the first time a Doctor's become involved with dangerous under(care)takings...

In 2012, the Sixth Doctor Colin Baker briefly stepped across the Big Finish studios to star in another Big Finish series entirely - the American horror soap opera Dark Shadows. In Dark Shadows - The House by the Sea, he plays Gerald in a tale of supernature suspense:

"Collinsport, it seems quiet. But it's like it's waiting for something to happen. Something bad.”

Gerald Conway has come to Collinsport in pursuit of a dream. For the last few months, he's been haunted by visions of the House By The Sea.

Now Gerald is staying at the House, he's beginning to uncover its dark past. Warlocks, vampires and murderers have all come here looking for something – and they've all died. What dark secret of the Collins family is hidden there?

Something terrible is waiting under the House By The Sea. Waiting for Gerald...

From tonight until Monday morning (UK time), Dark Shadows - The House by the Sea is available on CD for £5 (plus relevant postage) or £2.99 on Download.

Anyone curious about the Dark Shadows range can check out our Full Cast productions here, our Audio Readings here, or even find out details about the exciting and innovative upcoming serial Dark Shadows: Bloodlust!

While not in a special offer today, it's worth mentioning that The Caretaker's author, Gareth Roberts, has co-written Bang-Bang-a-Boom and The One Doctor for Big Finish. He also wrote the original book for upcoming title The Highest Science, and his much-loved Fourth Doctor novels are coming to Big Finish life next year and can be pre-ordered now.

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