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Terrahawks - Stay on this channel! Volume 3 out now

Terrahawks - Stay on this channel! Volume 3 out now

25 July 2017


Out today is the third volume of Terrahawks (1983-1986), the audio adventures based on the original TV series, created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr.

In the year 2020, Zelda - evil queen of the planet Guk - has destroyed NASA's Mars base and Earth is under threat. Zelda intends to use Mars as a stepping stone to conquer the Earth, and enslave the human race. A small organisation, The Terrahawks, is set up to defend the planet. From Hawknest, their secret base in South America, they develop sophisticated weapons to prepare for the battles to come.

Terrahawks: Volume 3 explores the lives of Tiger Ninestein, leader of the Terrahawks, and his clones. Plus, discover who survived the assault from Prince Zegar of Guk at the end of Volume 2, and much, much more!

Jamie Anderson, who has produced and directed all Volumes of Terrahawks, told us all about what to expect for Volume 3, “Bringing back Terrahawks for another series has been so much fun! All of us on the team are very proud of volume 3, and are convinced that this is the best series of Terrahawks yet, bringing the total number of episodes to 64 - the highest number of episodes of any Gerry Anderson series.

"Not only has this series given us a chance to further explore what it means to be a clone, and sees Zelda go from certain victory towards an existential crisis, but also gave us a chance to add to the Terrahawks fleet with Seahawk.

"During the production of the original series run from 1983 to 1986, Steve Begg designed an underwater craft for the Terrahawks - Seahawk - but it was never built. Steve gave me the original artwork for the craft, and I brought on the brilliant Chris Thompson to bring the design to life. It looks stunning, and you can hear the craft in action in Set Sail for Mis-Adventure.

"That story, as well as Living Legend, also stars David Graham - and it’s being magical welcoming him into the Terrahawks universe. Best known as Parker in Thunderbirds, David is a true Anderson Stalwart, and he’s added an extra touch of class to Terrahawks volume 3.

"Watch out for some stellar acting from our cast, in particular, some difficult and highly emotional scenes between Jeremy Hitchen and Denise Bryer. We’re certain that this series is going to make you laugh and cry (sometimes in the same scene!) and will leave you wanting even more Terrahawks.”

These eight new stories, by Jamie AndersonTerry AdlamDavid Hirsch, Chris Dale and Mark Woollard, make Terrahawks the longest episodic Anderson series of all time, as of today.

To celebrate this, we have a special offer - for the next seven days, you can pick up all three volumes of Terrahawks at Big Finish as a special bundle for £60 on CD or £54 on download. This offer ends on 31st July.

Or you can pick up this latest series at £25 on CD or £20 on download. Don't forget, all CD purchases automatically unlock a download version, which works with the Big Finish app

And to catch up with all the characters and their growth in the audio adventures, watch the character videos on the Gerry Anderson Youtube page!

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