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That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

2 April 2017

Releases, news, trailers and updates at Big Finish - did you miss anything?

Charlotte Pollard is back! Released on Tuesday, Charlotte Pollard 2 brings the self-styled Edwardian adventuress down to Earth - quite literally - in a set written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, and starring India Fisher as the Doctors' former companion.

The day before, we confirmed news that our hit historical murder mystery Cicero, starring Samuel Barnett, will see further adventures going into production. And on last Sunday, we rounded off our celebration of 40 years of Jago & Litefoot with the first part of a special Doctor Who - Short Trips reading, The Jago & Litefoot Revival.

Wednesday saw the release of Pathfinder Legends - Escape from Old Korvosa, the third adventure in this year's Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, and on Thurdsday we revealed the Tom Webster-designed cover for Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor Chronicles.

A new month began on Saturday, which saw a new Listeners title available on download for £2.99 until May, as well as a free-to-all chapter from the upcoming Dan Dare - Volume 2.

Sunday's Big Finish podcast came courtesy of Big Finish exec producer Nicholas Briggs at the Regeneration Who convention, and his guests include Sylvester McCoy, Katy Manning, Richard Franklin and Paul Magrs.

We leave you with the trailer for this month's Torchwood - The Dollhouse went live on Monday - join us next week for the remarkable resolution of a corking cliffhanger, and a second set of adventures for a legendary British Sci-Fi character...

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