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The Avengers: Volume 2 now out!

The Avengers: Volume 2 now out!

9 July 2014

Big Finish's hugely popular series of The Avengers episodes sees the release of a second volume!

Steed and Dr Keel return to action in these four recreations of classic lost episodes of The Avengers.

1: Ashes of Roses
Written by Peter Ling and Sheilah Ward, adapted by John Dorney
Carol goes undercover at a hairdressing salon, which appears to be at the centre of an arson ring.
Guest cast: Terry Molloy, Rachel Atkins

2: Please Don’t Feed the Animals
Written by Dennis Spooner, adapted by John Dorney
Steed takes on blackmailers who are extorting secrets from government officials.
Guest cast: Martin Hutson, Richard Hope, Alisdair Simpson

3: The Radioactive Man
Written by Fred Edge, adapted by John Dorney
Someone is at loose in London, unwittingly carrying a radioactive isotope.
Guest cast: Phil Mulryne, Beth Chalmers, Richard Franklin

4: Dance With Death
Written by Peter Ling and Sheilah Ward, adapted by John Dorney
Dr Keel is framed for murder, and Steed investigates a dance school.
Guest cast: Gemma Whelan, Dan Starkey, Jacqueline King

Until 31st July this set will be held at the pre-order price. To order the CD boxed set, or a download in MP3 and Audiobook formats, click here.

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