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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

In June 2021, Big Finish returned to the heart of the Time War when the War Doctor was resurrected on audio in The War Doctor Begins – Forged in Fire.  

After the sad passing of Sir John Hurt, this Doctor’s boots have been filled by Jonathon Carley with a note-perfect performance in the style of the veteran actor.  

Now, three new adventures take the War Doctor further into darkness, with new friends and old enemies ready to join him in battle.  

Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins – Warbringer is now available to own at £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download, exclusively HERE.

The Doctor is no more. In his place, a warrior, finally joining the Time War between the Daleks and Gallifrey.  

But how far will he go to end the conflict? What lines will he cross? How much of himself will he sacrifice?  

The War Doctor is beginning to find out who he is… 

Consequences by Timothy X Atack  

The War Doctor and Veklin crash to a ravaged planet. On the fringes of the Time War, this world has its own battles raging. Elsewhere, a survivor works out how she came to be here.  

But these newcomers are harbingers of something terrible, following in their wake… 

Destroyer by Andrew Smith 

Trapped on a world that worships war, the War Doctor finds himself fulfilling an ancient prophecy – could he be the Warbringer of legend?  

His new ally Case is testing her abilities too. And both will be called on to fight when the Daleks come… 

Saviour by Jonathan Morris 

The truth of how events on Tharius were set in motion is revealed. On a mission to destroy a Dalek Harvester vessel, the War Doctor discovers a new breed of Dalek.  

Whatever action he takes next, we have seen the consequences – and they are devastating for everyone. 

Joining Jonathon Carley as the War Doctor are Ajjaz Awad (Case), Adèle Anderson (Commander Tamasan), Beth Chalmers (agent Commander Veklin), Angela Bruce (War Leader Andarta), Stephen Frost (Captain Rondig) and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks.  

Actor Jonathon Carley said: “The War Doctor Begins – Forged in Fire landed really well, which is testament to the work that everyone has done – the War Doctor lives again! A few people thought that it was a single release but it would have been a shame to let him slip away quietly. And so here we are. 

“It is a big deal entering the expansive world of Doctor Who. Everyone has an opinion – good, bad and in between! I feel very, very lucky to have been almost universally embraced because it’s a crazy world out there. Honestly, I’ve not heard a bad word which is more than I could ever have hoped for.”  

Producer David Richardson added: “By sheer fluke we had the scripts for the second volume of The War Doctor Begins before Forged in Fire was written so we knew what we were building up to. Warbringer is a thrilling piece of work – a three-hour story in which consequences do not follow an action. After his acclaimed debut, Jonathon throws himself into the drama and thrills of these three episodes and continues to prove himself to be nothing short of miraculous as the young War Doctor.” 

Script editor Matt Fitton said: “After his launch in the first box set, this is the War Doctor’s follow-up album – it’s his concept piece. Here we’re looking at the effects of the Time War on a particular society and planet with the Daleks throwing everything they’ve got at it. In a very Time War kind of way, we’re starting midway through the story and gradually picking up to find out how we got there.” 

Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins – Warbringer is now available to own at £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download here.

Big Finish listeners can save money by pre-ordering the complete The War Doctor Begins series in a bundle (of all four volumes) from £76 on CD or £66 on digital download. 

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release. 

Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, but all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date. 

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