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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

The forthcoming The Chaos Cascade, by Colin Brake, is an epic story for the Twelfth Doctor and Missy brought to life by three readers in the form of Dan Starkey, Beth Chalmers and Rebecca Root.  

This new enhanced audiobook follows the ongoing journey of Tania Bell after the events of Big Finish’s popular Eighth Doctor Adventures: Stranded full-cast audio drama series, which ended in 2022. 

Producer David Richardson said: “It was fun assembling the jigsaw that is this novel. Three readers! And I knew immediately who I wanted them to be. Dan, because his Twelfth Doctor readings are phenomenal. Beth, because I’d heard her reading in for Missy at other recordings and knew what energy and frisson she would bring to it. And Rebecca, because, frankly, we need more Tania Bell!” 

Doctor Who – The Audio Novels: The Chaos Cascade has a running time of around six hours and is now available to pre-order as a digital download for just £17.99, exclusively here

The Twelfth Doctor embarks on a desperate search for the three scattered parts of the Triskelia – the only means to contain a dangerous multi-dimensional breach in reality: the Chaos Cascade. But two warring races, the aggressive Myzen and the peace-loving Tollatee are also searching for this powerful device, as is a mysterious tech-enhanced part-human mercenary. 

Meanwhile the Doctor’s former housemate Tania Bell travels to Yorkshire to investigate reports of alien activity and is delighted to run into a previously unknown incarnation of the Time Lord: one that is female, dresses in purple and carries a parasol! 

Can the Doctor, Missy and Tania work find a way to work together as a team? Or, once unleashed, will the Chaos Cascade wreak havoc across all space and time? 

Actor Dan Starkey said: “This was a particularly fun one to record as I was sharing the narration with Beth and Rebecca. As well as providing a dynamic read of the story through a fairly neutral narrator’s voice, the joy of doing these audio novels is creating an entire cast of characters to better tell the story, which appeals to my multi-voiced instincts.” 

Actor Beth Chalmers added: "I had to voice lots of characters that already exist as well as some that had been created by the narrators who recorded before me. That's always a bit of a challenge, but great to do.” 

And actor Rebecca Root agreed: “Reading The Chaos Cascade was both challenging and exhilarating. Giving voice to several characters, whether human or alien friend of foe, was somewhat tricky.” 

Doctor Who – The Audio Novels: The Chaos Cascade is now available to pre-order as a digital download for just £17.99. Big Finish listeners can also save money by purchasing all six titles in the Doctor Who – The Audio Novels range together as a bundle for just £99 (or individually for £19.99):  

Scourge of the Cybermen, by Simon Guerrier 
Watchers, by Matthew Waterhouse 
Emancipation of the Daleks, by Jonathan Morris 
The Dead Star, by Kate Orman 
Prisoners of London, by Matthew Waterhouse 

Also available is the diamond anniversary audio novel, The Box of Terrors, by Lizzie Hopley, read by Jon Culshaw, for just £17.99. 

The above price includes the special pre-order discount and is subject to change after general release. 

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