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Tom Baker - Birthday Bargains!

Tom Baker - Birthday Bargains!

20 January 2017

It's Tom Baker's 83rd birthday today - and to mark the occasion, we dip into our Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor range for 24 hours of bargains...

Happy birthday Tom Baker!

The Doctor Who legend is 83 years old today, so for the next 24 hours we've got ten Fourth Doctor releases at bargain prices - ending at mid-day (UK time) on Saturday 21st January.

Each story in the second series of Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures is £2.99 on download and £5 on CD: The Auntie Matter, The Sands of Life, War Against the Laan, The Justice of Jalxar, Phantoms of the Deep, The Dalek Contract and The Final Phase. Enjoy this thrilling run of tales starring Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, David Warner, and of course Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks!

The epic ten episodes of Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set can be bought for £30 on Download or £35 for the CD box set, while the luxury release Doctor Who - Novel Adaptations Volume 1 Special Edition (containing both Doctor Who - The English Way of Death and Doctor Who - The Romance of Crime) is £20 and £25 respectively.

Lastly, our 2016 collection of the 11 Destiny of the Doctors stories - Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor: The Complete Adventure - is available for £18 on Download and £20 on CD.

Bundles for the seven Series 2 stories of Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures are currently available for just £20 on Download and £32 on CD. These offers end at mid-day (UK time) on Saturday.

Tom Baker's most recent role Fourth Doctor role with Big Finish was this month's Doctor Who - The Beast of Kravenos, which kicks off a sixth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures

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