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Torchwood: Believe – out now

Torchwood: Believe – out now

25 April 2018

The original Torchwood team are back together after ten years in this new audio adventure where they’ll face the best and worst of humanity. The twenty-first century is when everything changes – are you ready?

Torchwood: Believe is out now!

The Church of the Outsiders believe that mankind is about to evolve, to reach out into the stars. Owen Harper believes that Torchwood has to do whatever it takes to stop them.

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) returns as Captain Jack Harkness, joined by Eve Myles (Broadchurch, Victoria, Keeping Faith) as Gwen Cooper, Gareth David-Lloyd (Sherlock Holmes) as Ianto Jones, Burn Gorman (Game of Thrones, The Dark Night Rises) as Owen Harper and Naoko Mori (Absolutely Fabulous, Spice World) as Toshiko Sato. Also featuring in this adventure is Arthur Darvill (Legends of Tomorrow, Doctor Who, Broadchurch) as the vicious Frank Layton.

“It’s been ten years since there's been an adventure featuring Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Tosh and Owen,” says writer Guy Adams, “and coming up with something big enough – and complex enough – to need them was great fun. After all, taking down an entire religion isn’t easy. But if anyone can do it…”

John Barrowman spoke more about reuniting the original Torchwood team in this month’s Vortex: “This is the first time in a long while we’ve had the entire Torchwood team back together. It’s something we should do more often, as I know from travelling all over the world doing conventions, I’m meeting the massive amount of fans out there who want the old team back together doing stuff.”

Eve Myles agrees: “It’s incredibly difficult to get us all in to record at the same time. But we’ve managed to get these important audios out to our fans who have been loyal to us for such a long time.” More details from the cast can be found in April’s Vortex.

Torchwood: Believe is available now priced at £23 on CD or £20 on download. Don’t forget that all CD purchases of Torchwood from Big Finish unlock a download option on the Big Finish website and the Big Finish app.

And for fans of Torchwood, Yvonne Hartman is required in July for Torchwood One: Machines, starring Tracy-Ann Oberman, Gareth David-Lloyd and guest star Jane Asher. This exciting release is set in Torchwood One, Canary Wharf before its destruction in the Doctor Who television episode Doomsday, with the return of arch-villain supercomputer WOTAN!

Something's happened. Something's twisted its way into Torchwood One. Something old. Something which should have been forgotten, wiped, abandoned. Something which has been waiting. Something which knows how the world should be ruled, how people should be used.

When humanity's threatened, Yvonne Hartman is required.

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