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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Torchwood: God Among Us 3 is out now on CD and download.

Cardiff is recovering from a catastrophe. Torchwood find themselves up against the Disaster Recovery Committee – instead of putting the city back on its feet, it seems to be preparing for something worse. There’s a conspiracy to be exposed, a mythical monster becomes real, fights are breaking out over drinking water, and Jack Harkness is getting ready for the end of the world.

6.9 A Mother’s Son by Alexandria Riley

Cardiff has suffered a catastrophic flood. Dozens are still missing. Survivors fill camps across the city. An inquiry has been set up to find out what happened.

Bethan’s come to the city looking for answers. Her son is among the missing and no-one seems to want to help her find him. It’s starting to look like there’s a cover-up. What is Torchwood? Can it really be behind it?

6.10 ScrapeJane by Robin Bell

ScrapeJane is a myth. A monster made up by an urban explorer. A monster that’s caught on. A monster with forums, with merch, with a book deal. A monster that people have started to believe in.

A monster that’s started killing.

6.11 Day Zero by Tim Foley

They’ve been warning about it for ages. Poisonous mould in the water supply. But it’s finally got out of hand. It’s day zero – the day Cardiff runs out of drinking water.

As people start fighting over the last remaining supplies, the Disaster Recovery Committee takes drastic action. Because there’s one place that still has clean water. And Torchwood will do anything to stop them from getting it.

6.12 Thoughts and Prayers by James Goss

Cardiff lies broken. Torchwood’s leaders are either arrested or dead. In a storage unit something forgotten has been reborn. And underneath the city a terrible impossibility has been built.

The streets are filled with the prayers of the desperate. Because everyone knows – the end of the world is nigh.

Director Scott Handcock told last month’s Vortex magazine what to expect in this epic finale: “God Among Us 3 has been an enormous undertaking, especially as our cast are so spread out, but it’s also hugely exciting. Whether it’s a more emotional episode or action-based, every script presents its own challenges, and Cardiff has been becoming a more and more dangerous city to live in! We up the stakes but never just move on.

“The fallout from God Among Us 2 casts a long shadow over this box set and affects how Torchwood operate – when they’re able to – so it’s lovely to build those elements up and give our cast something different to play. It’s never just business as usual.”

You can read the full article in May’s Vortex here.

Torchwood: God Among Us 3 is available now at £25 on download or £28 on CD.

Or why not save money with a specially-priced Torchwood series six bundle at £60 on download or £75 on CD – all three parts are available now. Each CD purchase unlocks a download exclusive via the Big Finish website or the Big Finish app.

And to celebrate the finale of Torchwood: God Among Us, you can now get all of series 6 – Torchwood: God Among Us AND series 5 – Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, back at their pre-order prices. This special offer will be available until 6pm UK Time on 21st June 2019, so don’t delay!

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